At the end of the day, the only thing that matters when it comes to marketing is results. Whether you’re investing in traditional advertising or digital marketing, the money you spend is supposed to bring you a return. However, the majority of SEO, Paid Search, and Television Ad Agencies fail to yield a profitable return to their clients. Our goal, our top priority, is to help you make far more money than you pay in marketing. Period. So, how do we do that? 


Preliminary Analysis

1 - 2 Hours

Website, SEO, SEM, & Paid Search Review 

Using or in person depending upon location 

What do we cover in the initial meeting?

If you’re like most business owners, you get a lot of calls from search engine optimization companies trying to sell you services. While you probably scheduled an analysis with us the same way, we are different. 

Most SEO firms are trying to sell you THEIR package. What THEY want. We are the opposite. We may be a fit for you, but we may not be. How can any marketing agency help a client if they fail to get to know the client, or understand what the client truly wants and or needs? They can’t, and we know that.

Our initial meeting allows us to get to know each other. We take the time to review your current website. By interviewing you, your partners, and by asking questions we can gain insight about your business, your model, and where you want to go. MOST of all, we LISTEN. The initial meeting is about gathering valuable data about you and your business. 

Competition Review

2-5 Business days

Market Analysis & Competitor Review

Our Organic, Social, Traditional, and PPC teams analyze your market

How do we find a way to beat your competitors?

Once we get to know what you want our next task is to find out why you are not currently achieving your goals. To be more specific, we identify your competitors that are gobbling up the types of clients you want, and we reverse engineer their campaigns to find out HOW they are beating you. 

Most digital marketing agencies are trying to sell you THEIR services. THEIR packages. Meaning, they want to make money based upon the work they do, almost like a checklist. That doesn’t work, it doesn’t bring you NEW business.

By figuring out how your potential clients are buying or signing with your competitors, and why they are not buying or signing with you, we can create a game plan to beat them. 

Our analysts, programmers, designers, ad developers, and media buying reps work together to build a blueprint that will deliver you the results you want, making more money. 

Proposal Delivery

1 Hour

Our Game Plan & Marketing Ideas

We deliver your custom digital and traditional marketing campaigns 

Is there a way to increase profits?

Once we’ve finished our review we deliver our ideas and concepts in a very easy to follow manner. Our goal is to increase your profits.

Your potential Account Manager, along with a Development Team and Paid Search Team member, will interface with you and your staff to review our findings. 

If you wish to partner with us your Account Manager will go over pricing and our boarding process is very simple. 



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